Track all the latest news stories from a magazine, a major news network, or even a popular blog such as Mashable. RSS feeds will display a stream of content in the Streams dashboard.

Add an RSS Feed

  1. Go to the Channels page.

  2. Click Add under the RSS section.

  3. Type in the name or the feed URL for the website or blog you're interested in adding.  
    Tip: Most major, well known websites and blogs can be found using just the name. For smaller, less known sites, you may have to add in the RSS feed URL directly.

  4. Select the feed from the results then click Save.

  5. Go to the Streams page.

  6. Click Add Stream button from the top right corner. 

  7. On the Add Stream dialog, name your stream and select the RSS feed you saved earlier, then click Save Stream.   

Now that you've added the Feed to the Streams page, all new articles will be fetched automatically. You can click on any article to go to the original website where it was published, or click share to share to other channels such as Twitter or Facebook. You can also save articles to your content library. 

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