You can edit your images with a powerful built-in photo editor directly in the Composer while creating or editing content. Just hover over the photo you’d like to edit, then click “Edit” to launch the Photo Editor.

Let's go over the editing tools available for you.

Transform tool

Using the transform tool you can do image resizing, cropping, rotation, and flipping.

If you want to crop a certain area of the image to some specific resolution, type it in the width and height input fields then choose the necessary part of the image using drag and drop.

If you want to resize the image without changing its aspect ratio, check the “Keep Resolution” checkbox then type in the new width and height in the Crop Size input fields.

There are several predefined cropping options for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The crop area automatically updates when you select one of these options.

You can also flip and rotate your picture using the menu on the bottom of the page.


Filters are an opportunity to express yourself and to give your photos a special mood. There are more than 50 filters to choose from to create photos your followers will love.

Once you apply one of the filters, you can adjust its intensity by moving the slider “Filter Intensity”. To remove the effect, click on the “Remove Filter” button.


The adjustment tool allows you to do all kinds of image optimizations. You can start from the basic ones such as brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma, and do a fine tune-up using more professional adjustments like exposure, temperature, highlights, and many more.

If for some reason you do not like the result of your adjustments you can start over by clicking the “Reset Adjustment” button.

Adding a text

Text tool provides you an easy way to add text to your images. You can change:

  • font

  • font size

  • font color

  • background color

  • alignment

  • line spacing

Click on the image to edit the text itself, move it to the front, duplicate it, or remove it.

Once you’re happy with the results, click "Save" at the top right corner of the editor.

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