Filtering and sorting are very useful tools to get the most out of your streams "dashboard". There is no limit to the number of streams you can create so you can set up a perfectly organized space for listening, engaging, and interacting - all in one place.

You can customize the streams to show only certain content - the one that meets all the criteria you select in the filters. There is a Filter button on top of each stream you have. Click on it and you will see all the available options.


Click on the "Sort by" to choose from the following options:

  • Reverse Chronological - most recent content first.

  • Chronological - most aged content first.

  • Engagement (Low to High) - low engagement first.

  • Engagement (High to Low) - high engagement first.


Timeline determines the age of the content in a stream.

  • All - all content will be shown.

  • 1 day - content created in the last day will be shown.

  • 3 days - content created in the last three days will be shown.

  • 7 days - content created in the last seven days will be shown.

  • 1 month - content created in the last month will be shown.


To track the sentiment of the content you can select one of the three options available:

  • Positive

  • Negative

  • Neutral


Using a Phrase filter you can locate certain content in your stream. Simply type in the word, phrase, or hashtag, and the content will be updated automatically.

Twitter Content

With the Twitter Content filter, you can customize streams with the Twitter channels.

  • Replies - the most recent replies for the user.

  • Home Timeline - the most recent Tweets posted by the user and the users they follow.

  • Mentions - the most recent mentions for the user.

  • Tweets - the most recent Tweets posted by the user.

Note that all filter settings will be saved for each stream that you set up.

To cancel all applied filters click on the "Clear Filter" button located at the bottom of the filter dialog.

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