The Composer allows you to create, edit, and schedule content to multiple social media networks directly from within SocialWeaver. Let’s get started:

  1. Click on the "Composer" button located at the top left of the screen.

  2. Select one or more Channels you would like to share to. Then start to create content in the compose dialog. You can type in your text, attach media, add links you want to share, or add a group of hashtags.

All these changes will be automatically reflected in the preview window on the right hand. If you are sharing content to more than one Channel, click on the down-facing arrow on the top of the content preview to see how the post will appear on different social networks. Also, there are two options for previewing content - desktop and mobile.

3. Select one of three options:

  • Add to Library. Just select one or more tags and click "Add to Library". Your post is saved to Content Library with selected tags.

  • Schedule. Select tags, date, time, and time zone you would like your content to be published. Then click "Schedule". Your scheduled post can now be found on the calendar page.

  • Publish Now. Select tags and check the box "Save to Content Library" if you want to save it there. Click on the "Publish Now" button to immediately share your content to selected channels.

Tip: If you create content for more than one type of channel you can optimize it for each social network you share it to. Click on the "Customize Post For Each Channel" to open additional editing windows.

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