The Calendar, working in conjunction with the Content Library, gives you powerful tools for organizing and scheduling content from mixed channels into a single, cohesive automated posting schedule. To create a Schedule:

  1. From the Calendar page click on the "Create Schedule" button on the top right corner of the screen. The New Schedule dialog will open.

2. Name your new schedule and select tags. All content with selected tags will be included in this schedule. Learn more about How to create, edit, and manage tags.

3. Select days of the week and timeslot when you want your content to be published. You can add as many timeslots as you need. Then select the Start and End Dates for this new Schedule. You can make it endless by leaving the "Ending on" field blank. Also, you can change a Time Zone for your new schedule if you want it to be different from your account's Time Zone.

4. Click on the "Create Schedule" button below. Your new Schedule is now created and you can see what is scheduled for publishing on the Calendar page.

Learn more about How to recycle your evergreen content automatically.

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