Using the calendar settings, you can make the most of its features and create the perfect workspace with only the information you need. To access them from the calendar page click on the "Calendar Settings" button located at the top right corner of the screen. The menu on the right hand will open.

Let’s go over all the available options for customizing the calendar page.

  • First day of week. You can select any day to be the first day of the week on your calendar.

  • Time Zone. Please note that by changing your time zone here, you are updating it in your account settings. Learn more about managing your time zone settings.

  • Show multiposts with Twitter on top / Facebook on top / Instagram on top. If you have a post that is scheduled to be published on multiple social platforms, the content may be different for each platform. Select which social network content will be displayed on the calendar by default.

  • Default calendar view. There are two options for how the calendar looks like - compact and full view. In the compact view, you will only see the timeslots at which the publishing is scheduled. In full view, you will see all the timeslots for each day.

  • Show Publishing Schedules. Displays the current schedules as a bars above the calendar.

  • Show Publishing Empty Time Slots. Display timeslots with scheduled publishing for which there is no content in the library.

  • Show Content Channels. This setting allows you to show or hide channels on top of every scheduled post.

  • Show Content Tags. With this option on you can see the tags on the bottom of each timeslot with scheduled publishing.

  • Highlight Work Hours. You can turn on this setting only with the full view calendar. Select the start and end time of the working day in the fields below, and this period will be highlighted for the interval from Monday to Friday.

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