The built-in advanced search feature helps you to refine your search results and find the content with specific requirements. These are the most popular and useful types of search that you can use on the Content Curation page:

Exact Phrase

If you put quotes around search words, then your results will only show posts that have those exact words, in that exact order.

Example: "back to school".

Any of these words

When you want to search for any of the words, type an OR statement between these words.

Example: coffee OR tea. That means that you want the post to contain the word coffee or the word tea.

None of these words

You can put the minus sign before the words that you don’t want.

Example: cake -carrot. That means that you want to search for a publication with the cake word but without the carrot word.

Site or Domain

Search for a specific domain using the site: statement.



Search for a post from a specific author by using author: statement.

Example: author:"Andy Corbley"

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