Content Curation search is a great tool that allows you easily and quickly find, save and share content from thousands of sources. Learn more about searching for content using the Content Library here.

  1. When it comes to saving or sharing the content, click on the "Send To Composer" link at the top right corner of the publication that you want to save. The Composer dialog will open.

2. Select one or more channels you would like to share to. From here you can tailor your post to look exactly the way you want it to. The preview window on the right side of the composer will show you the exact appearance of the publication for each social media channel. Add tags to organize the content by categories.

3. Now you can choose from the following options:

  • Add to Library. The content will be saved to Content Library with selected tags.

  • Schedule. Select date and time you would like this content to be published. Then click "Schedule". Your scheduled post can now be found on the calendar page.

  • Publish Now. Check the box "Save to Content Library" if you want to save this content and reuse it later. Click on the "Publish Now" button to immediately share your content to selected channels.

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