You don't have to directly message co-workers with a link to your LinkedIn post for them to contribute. Now, this can be done automatically! Learn more about sharing content to employees here.

Follow the next steps to connect your employees' LinkedIn profiles to SocialWeaver:

  1. Click on the User Menu located at the bottom left of the screen then click on Settings.

  2. From the Settings menu click on Employees. Copy the link with the button located next to the link and share it with your team. After following the link, they can give their permission to automatically like and share your LinkedIn posts without sharing credentials. For more information visit Approval modes.

  3. Once the connection is complete, your co-workers will appear in the list of employees on this page. In an Approval Mode column, you can see the interaction option for each employee (automatic like, automatic share, share via Slack and share via email).

    From here you can remove employees by clicking the Remove button on the right side of the list.

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