Once you connect your employees' LinkedIn profiles to SocialWeaver, you can start sharing your content to them through Composer. Your co-workers will share or like this content automatically or manually via Slack and e-mail depending on their preferences. You can learn more about content approval modes for employees here.

  1. To get started, open the Composer by clicking on the Composer button at the left top corner of the page.

  2. Select your LinkedIn channel from the menu on the left. Create content you would like to share in the compose dialog. You can find more information on using Composer in How to create and edit content.

  3. Click on the Share to Employees button to open a Share Content to Employee


  4. From here you can manage the sharing settings for a specific post. Choose if you want your employees to share and like the post or select one of these options.

    If you want them to share it, you can type in a caption in the window below (they will be able to tweak it if they are in a manual approval mode).

    Also from here, you can change the list of employees who will be notified about the publication. Click on the Save button to save these settings for your LinkedIn post.

  5. Now you can add this post to the Content Library to use it in a weekly schedule, publish it now, or schedule it later - in all these cases, your employees will be automatically notified to share and like it as soon as it is posted on LinkedIn.

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