You were invited to connect your LinkedIn account to SocialWeaver via the invite link. This will give you the ability to automatically like and share your employer's content without sharing credentials. You can disconnect your account at any time from your LinkedIn settings. Let's take a look at the settings you can tweak to make this connection work for you.

  1. Follow the invite link. You will be redirected to LinkedIn and asked to log in.

  2. After logging in you will see the page where you can choose one of two ways of interaction - manual and automatic.

  3. If you would like to approve all content Manually, you need to connect either Slack, email, or both of them, to be notified of new posts on LinkedIn. You can change it at any time later on the same link by clicking Update next to Slack or Email on this page.

  4. The other option is to preauthorize your employer to interact on your behalf. To select it, click on Automatically. From here, you can allow content to be liked and shared on your behalf. This way, you will not receive any notifications, everything will happen automatically.

    Tip: You can always change these preferences by following the same link.

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