You now receive notifications about new LinkedIn posts from your employer via Slack. What will happen next?

  1. Once the post is published on LinkedIn, you will be notified about it in Slack with a message like this.

2. From here you can see a full preview of publishing, but if you want to look at it from LinkedIn itself, click on the View on LinkedIn button and you will be redirected to the LinkedIn page with this post.

3. You can easily Share and Like the content right from here without leaving Slack. After clicking on the Share button, you will be asked to write or change the suggested caption for the post you are sharing (this is optional). To Like, simply click the Like button and the content will automatically be liked on your behalf.

Tip: if you ever want to change the way you approve LinkedIn content, go to the Home tab in Slack - Apps - SocialWeaver thread and click on the Preferences button. You will be redirected to a page where you can change your interaction mode.

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